Hi my name is Dilip Jain, I was born in middle class family. I started my journey with my traditional family’s sanitary business, where I learned basic skills of business from my father. From the very beginning my desires was to start something new and creative. .

In search of that I switched to many businesses and entered into various business fields from sanitary to gas fitting, network marketing and later in real estate.

In 1999, I started working with a solar Manufacturer company and while working for more than 7 years I found many goods and beds....

Good part about solar energy I found was, it’s Eco friendly not like fossil oil industry that killing nature, as God Mahaveer Swami said “Live and Let Live” i see solar industry offers all human kind the same , Sad part I see that customers are not satisfied by solar plant’s productivity, service and efficiency!

Many companies wanted to sell their products just because they Manufacturer it in-house, but with my experience i understood that if it could have been better configure, the power plant could be more productive as per customer’s needs , and because if customers are suffering and NOT getting the kind of outcome they COULD have.

I was sudden seeing all that and that time I decided to create THE solution , That motivated me the most to start SUKUMAL SOLAER POWER TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD The one stop solution for all solar needs and combines best of the best personalized configuration from expert solar consultants so that our customer will maximize energy productivity!

We wanted to create services and products that we want to give to our family and friends.Today I am glad to say that with our dedicated supportive team our Customer are getting just that.