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At Sukumal Powertech , quality is of prime importance and has driven of our success. We are committed to through team work and timely delivery of quality products of International standards and also international products

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We have State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with cutting-edge technology and latest equipments, which fulfills our commitment of excellence and total customer satisfaction and bulid best products.

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Our team comprises experienced highly motivated and skilled personnel from various disciplines with Solar Electrical and Solar Thermal diverse background that blend in a common work ethos that fosters excellence and continuous growth

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We have a best sonal panel system which is based on multi international compaines and these all are mrse approved companies .

Solar Design

In solar design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer..

Some passive systems use a small amount of conventional energy to control dampers, shutters, night insulation, and other devices that enhance solar energy collection, storage, and use, and reduce undesirable heat transfer..

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Keep it in your home and building

Less is more

We get more power in less amount!!so we have reduce cost of electricity

Solar Solution

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy as it can be used to produce electricity as long as the sun exists.Sunshine occurs naturally. As long as we are alive, we are always going to see the sun, which means it is infinite. This energy can be harnessed by installing solar panels that can reduce our dependence on other countries for consistent supply of coal to produce electricity. This makes it an attractive energy prospect for most countries that are looking to go completely green in the future.

Although solar energy can not be produced during night and cloudy days but it can be used again and again during day time. Solar energy from sun is consistent and constant power source and can be used to harness power even in remote locations.

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When we get enough energy then we can use of it

100% Satisfaction and save power

We are able to save power (electricity) with 100 % satisfaction

Easy to use

Solar panel systems are easy to use and build.

Latest Technology

We have all latest technology based spalr system which is helps to great solution.

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Solar & Branding

The energy can be used directly to heat, and light homes or it can be converted into electricity using solar energy technologies like solar panels. People are increasingly investing in solar energy to save on out-of-pocket costs and get rid of dangerous and expensive power lines..

The cost of installing a solar panel can be high. But once it’s up and running, you will enjoy the benefits for many years, while injecting just a small amount for its maintenance. If your energy needs change and you desire to add more panels, it would be a lot easier. Initial cost that is incurred once can be recovered in the long run that range from 10 years – 15 years. Apart from this, solar panels does not create any noise or release any toxic substances..

Best solution

Solar power system is best solution for our environment as well as your home and building

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You can choice multiple companies in a single click with diffrent ranges.


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