“Solar Energy holds out the greatest Promise for the Mankind- It is Free, Healthy, Friendly, Inexhaustible and Non-Polluting.”

Company : Sukumal Powertech is a concern dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy propagation and implementation in India. The primary objective is to provide Solar Energy Systems for various solar electrical and thermal applications. We have influence our core competencies is high volume integration of manufacturers of Solar Energy Products (Electricity and Thermal). Our Strategy is to straddle multiple technology platforms and to drive scale to bring down the costs of the technology and make is affordable to consumer globally.

Philosophy : At Sukumal Powertech , to merely state that people are our biggest asset is not enough-We believe they are the drivers of our growth and the real reason for our success. The power of this capital is reflected in everything we do, whether it is improving process efficiencies, re-engineering equipment, lowering costs, enhancing productivity or launching new products.

Our team comprises experienced highly motivated and skilled personnel from various disciplines with Solar Electrical and Solar Thermal diverse background that blend in a common work ethos that fosters excellence and continuous growth. The team has a history setting challenging targets (seemingly impossible) and history of achieving them too.

Quality: At Sukumal Powertech , quality is of prime importance and has driven of our success. We are committed to through team work and timely delivery of quality products of International standards. We have State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with cutting-edge technology and latest equipments, which fulfills our commitment of excellence and total customer satisfaction. The company is working along with MNRE approved products. We are serving best products and helping our customer for choosing best quality products at reasonable price.

The Sukumal Powertech tie-up with MNRE approved companies, which are listed of the MNRE web-site as List of known manufacturers / Suppliers involved in installation of Solar Electrical and Solar Thermal Systems. All our design and manufacturing of the Solar Electrical and thermal products according to MNRE Specifications.

Project Team : The Sukumal Powertech doing Solar Power Project with a strong project team, whose work experience is about 100 MW solar power plant. Our team consists of many renowned companies. We have distinguished ourselves by ensuring the reliability and optimum service of our products to the full satisfaction of the users. We have with us an efficient design and well equipped service departments who ensure top of the line quality & services.

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